What Can I Do For My Hair Loss?

I have been asked by many folks, what can I do for my hair?

One of the symptoms for the hyper toxic condition aka Morgellons, is hair loss and variations of a weird plastic,
non-hair hair replacing what was once a nice head of ‘real hair’.

This photo looks severe, yet many have decided to shave their head while they figure out how to combat this difficult Morgellons Symptoms.

The question is of great concern for so many and it took me on a journey perusing through my notes on the all the supplements and strategies I used to recover from Morgellons.

The protocol list is endless, and if you were to purchase all of them, it would be cost $1000’s! But it was the best spent money for me, like the Master card commercial says…

Getting My Health Back, PRICELESS.

What is always most important to remember is that this is a condition of exposure to a multitude of things in our water, air, and land environments that are proving harmful to us.

This list is always growing and includes heavy metals, chemicals, dental sealants and adhesives, prescriptive medicines, aerial spraying aka chem trails, GMO foods and insects, and plastic…plastic containers of every kind are leaching BPA’s into the food or beverage they were meant to store.

The answer that finally jumped out at me is Icelandic or Norwegian Kelp, included into a comprehensive detox program.

We have an article in our ‘Recover Now’ section that lists many foods and herbs that can detoxify and heal ourselves from the toxic overload that is one of the greatest factors to our declining health.

The woman shown in the above photo was able to fully recover her health and great head of hair!

May the next successful recovery story be yours.

Ramona and The Healing Grapevine Team

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