Lyme Disease and the FIR Infrared Sauna

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I thought it would be helpful to share the specifics of why I came under the care of Dr. Hildy and the FIR sauna treatments.
She is truly an amazing combination of science minded, and I mean a hardcore science researcher, as well as having an awareness of some t hing spiritual in her life.
What a cool combination to find.

I will do my best to be brief but I feel this is important for you to truly appreciate the place I was in when I met her…
I have been a health fanatic and competitive athlete most of my life. I recognized that this level of passion and thirst for knowledge on the subject wasn’t for everyone, it just made me feel so good and that was my motivation.

In the summer of 2006, I was heavily into my organic gardening in Wisconsin when I was bit twice on my leg by a deer fly. If you’ve ever been bitten, you know they have big teeth.

A day or so later, I woke up with an intense heat on the back of my knee joint and it was stiff and sore. I thought it was a spider bite, possibly a brown recluse because of the reaction I was having.  The swelling continued getting worse for days and finally red lines were tracking into my groin. Very weird and I had no real idea what it was. I went to the emergency room (I’ve not had much use for a doctor) they said I had some kind of infection of which the name eludes me now and they gave me antibiotics.
It worked.

A month later I woke up with a stiff knee, and over the next few days was experiencing the worse pain in my joints, especially in my neck and shoulders, that I had ever felt. I could not pull the covers up to make my bed; it simply hurt too much.

I was speaking to friends about this when two of them said – you have Lyme Disease.  They told me to go get the test immediately and I did. (I had to convince the clinic to give me the test because I had not been bitten by a tick).

I think it took three days to get back the results and so they had sent me home with painkillers and muscle relaxers.  One day later Toni, one of my dearest friends and part of this wellness team told me to start taking cat’s claw. Within 2 days I noticed the effects of this amazing herb…do your own research- it happens to be one of the only herbs that is recognized by the AMA as having medical benefits. (I know, who cares what they have to say- but it is interesting.)

FYI -Toni’s blog is– she is a wealth of information.

When the test came back I had a top score! Meaning I was in a full blown stage 2 Lyme reaction. Their protocol was to put me on 60 days of antibiotics. I had already done some research and knew that the majority of Lyme sufferers continue to have it most of their life so this was not an option to me. From this day on, for me there was a noticeable decline in my vitality and overall strength. I have often wondered how anyone could make it through that didn’t have the health advantage I had to begin with.

Jumping forward:
Dr. Hildy has assured me that besides releasing the advanced nano materials  from the ‘super scabies’ encounter I had in January, her protocols would effectively eradicate the Lyme spirochete.  (FYI- she has the research that shows that Lyme also falls into the category of being genetically engineered.)

Her research over the past several decades is so extensive on biotechnology, what she calls advanced nano materials or toxins and beyond. How and why it was created and how we are being exposed to it from a multitude of sources makes her more interesting to listen to than any of the best science fiction writers past or present.

Up to this point, three years after contracting Lyme, I was still having to do occasional doses of cat’s claw to push the spirochete back. There are apparently several new trends to completely eradicating this bug but I had not yet done so. I cannot yet say I have succeeded with Lyme, I will honestly want a full year to pass without any returning symptoms. But I simply cannot imagine that any kind of GMO Genetically Modified Organism can survive the FIR sauna treatments.

In fact, after only two days in the sauna, I knew none of the scabies skin types were coming to bed with me that night!  It was actually this pest that brought me to Dr. Hildy, so for this I am ever grateful.

This bug had become an intimate intruder for about 3 months before meeting her. My friend that shared it with me (opps) had been running from it for almost 6 months before passing to me. I had done the pastes, essential oil baths, diatomaceous earth, enzymes, Permethrin, and the foil wrapped zapping technique. Some helped but none were killing the entire cycle. This is another GMO, they do not follow the same rules of engagement. We have another series on the level of hygiene it takes to get these bugs out of your environment.

I will share some of the conversations I had with Dr. Hildy in the up coming emails…she is a strong advocate for hope. Even though biotechnology continues to grow fast in many industries and our exposure is harder to control because they are now taking on the micro-organisms and insect models for delivery and distribution, she states that the number one solution for our health in the 21 century is Far Infrared Radiant heat therapy.

More to follow.
Have an absolutely fabulous day!
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