Video Lecture: Can Fermented Foods Heal GMO Toxicity?

John Ogle on Fermented Foods and healing our Endothelium aka Monolayer. from The Healing Grapevine Network on Vimeo.


John Ogle really turned on the light bulb for me when he said something to the effect of, “The purpose of DNA is to establish itself in the environment it finds itself in”…and it speaks directly to my concern about eating genetically modified foods, GMOs, and even having my food be sourced from GM seeds.

This video is loaded with information on the complex bio-chemical functions within our body and how this effects our health – good or bad. And a great explanation of our epithelium or what he calls the ‘Monolayer’.

There are many types epithelium tissues – John is addressing the layers that line our throat, lung, and entire digestive system. He addresses the foods and toxins that will harm this layer as well as the fermented food and nutritional supplements that can help heal this fairly fragile bubble of protection.

Below are some more points from an article/blog post he wrote years ago:

Nutrition can compensate for sloth much better than exercise can overcome bad food. In today’s world, how much of which foods you put in your mouth determines roughly 60% of your level of health. Even the American Medical Association estimates that two of every three deaths in this country are essentially self-inflicted, i.e. “the direct result of lifestyle choices.”

At the same time that research is revealing more about which foods really nourish us, our taste buds are busy leading us farther astray. Since the end of the 19th century, health-nuts have been warning us that we are “digging our graves with our forks.”

What can an intelligent eater do? Consider the following observations.

  • Good digestion is the key to lasting health. Cultured and fermented foods are crucial for this.
  • Synthetic vitamin supplements can very easily upset normal, healthy metabolic processes
    (including digestion).
  • Human beings digest proteins from animal foods better than proteins from plant foods.
  • Bone strength and kidney health both suffer as protein intake drops.
  • Most people are not physically equipped to be strict vegetarians. Our ancestors were highly
    carnivorous and plants do not supply all the nutrients our bodies require.
  • Food cooked right is healthier than most raw foods. [Up to the boiling point is fine.]
  • Most overheated food is worse than indigestible; it is toxic and/or carcinogenic.
  • “Organic” foods are not just less contaminated than commercial foods, they have more
    nutritional value and more flavor.
  • Cholesterol in unprocessed food is less dangerous than the chemicals and rancid fats
    in packaged food.
  • For the entire world population, the most widespread food intolerances (aka “allergies”) are
    to cereal grains.

There are some points in his video presentation that I am doing further research on to validate and better understand…he gave me much to ‘chew on’ and it was a great pleasure to listen to his principles.

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Can Fermented Foods Heal GMO Toxicity? It sure has my attention!

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