What Do Contamination, Infestation and Infection Have In Common?

Their pathogenicity (ability to cause disease) is determined by the status of Our internal biological terrain (bio-terrain) or the internal environment of our body.

There is a balance (or imbalance) of our Bio-terrain’s condition; pH factor, foreign invaders, mold and fungal over-growth, microzyma, nutrients and toxins, these all directly affect the process of becoming sick and having health problems… or not!

As soon as I understood the relationship between my Bio-terrain and my state of health, it hit me – the big ‘ah-ha’ as to why my health had been spiraling downward for years.

By understanding “Pleomorphism” and the work of Antoine Bechamp, a French chemist and biologist now best known as a rival of Louis Pasteur, I was able to make choices and follow detox strategies confidently AND most importantly…with success!

His discoveries were overshadowed at that time when Louis Pasteur was pioneering upon the ‘Germ Theory’ model and the first to create vaccines against Anthrax and Rabies. Pasteur is probably most famous for his discovery and invention of the pasteurization process.

But the principles behind my Recovery Program come from Bechamp and the pleomorphic model of how organisms co-habitat. I was able to see that EVERYTHING I consume including medicines, and everything I eat and drink, are directly impacting my internal environment; therefore, my state of health.

The condition of the Bio-terrain will either invite foreign invaders and pathogens to move in and start multiplying or it will properly flush them out and support healthy cellular function.

If we use the analogy of being a garbage can we have tossed ‘things’ into our entire life and we do not occasionally take it out side and scrub the crap out of it – this gunk builds up on the sides (and in our arteries, guts, and organs).

We have several articles in this section explaining the relationship of our Bio-terrain to our state of health for more reading.

For example, if you have been exposed to mercury (via fillings, vaccines, busted lightbulbs, – I even played with mercury w/ my bare hands when in elementary school.) and then do not target the remediation by either chelation or copious amounts of chlorella or ANU water you will always have that heavy metal toxicity.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a fast growing issue for all of us, and it usually starts when we are young like with the above example of mercury and goes on like this:

  • Then you get into some garden weed killer, heck just handling conventional produce today will pass this along.
  • Then you use sunscreens and skin care products that are loaded with nano-size chemicals, hydorgels, and fragrances.
  • Then you eat in fast food and chain restaurants including Olive Garden types which use transglutaminase (sp?) aka ‘meat glue’ in their meat dishes.
  • Then you eat conventional dairy full of growth hormone and xeno estrogens.
  • Then you eat corn, soy, wheat that are loaded with GMOs.
  • Then you handle store receipts that may have endocrine disrupting BPAs or you drink in plastic water bottles or cook in microwave with plastic.
  • Then any prescription drug use that you have used for years…or lots of antibiotics.

At some point, we will all reach critical mass and whatever virulent organism comes knocking at the door will be able to easily walk right in without any fight!

Most of this build-up will not just ‘go away’ after a while! It must be specifically remediated, your bio-terrain must be corrected again and you must make diet changes if you eat processed foods, fast food, and very little ‘live foods’.

Click here and be sure you read “How To Recover Now!

I spent well over $8000 on detox strategies that were lacking and ineffective (probably more like 10Gs) before I got this connection to living healthy and recovering my health.

I also recommend buckling down and watching “Food Inc”. It is not pretty, don’t watch near meal time unless you want to skip that meal.

It is time to realize the American Diet is one of the most significant health hazards in our lives today.

I am passionate about this solution, and I believe you too can recover!

Have an excellent day,
Ramona and the Healing GrapeVine

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