Public Sign Posted: Dangerous Chemicals At Disneyland

I happened to notice this sign posted off to the side of the front gates of Disneyland:

WARNING: The Disneyland Resort contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Proposition 65, California Health and safety code section 25249.6 et seq.

Apparently, it’s okay that we are exposed to carcinogenic chemicals because they posted a sign to let all visitors know the dangers!

So, there I was, about to take my lovely daughters on 2 days of magic and fun we have been planning for months and I had this ridiculous thought…holy crap, how could I ever say:

“Sorry girls, I didn’t know I would be putting you, and the future of your children, in harms way by bringing you to Disneyland. Now that I know this, we have to cancel the trip!”

More than likely, this would have caused greater harm to their precious psyches – had I heeded the warning and turned back. This really wasn’t an option so I was glad we happened to be doing a seasonal cleanse using ANU mineral water and had brought it with us.

I also had many of my other favorite herbs and supplements which I always travel with as well.
Like Chlorella, probiotics and enzymes to balance all the restaurant food we were eating on the road.

And Opaline Dry Oxy to help me keep my energy up mid way through the day after miles of walking.

And of course, Inner Solutions essential oil is one of the easiest ways to help offset breathing really bad air and travels in carry on luggage with no worries!

But still, this warning sign nagged at me. I realized I was really peeved that apparently it’s okay to use chemicals in such an enormously huge public place, as long as there was this 11×14 sign posted to the side of the gates. I was surprised I had even noticed it and for the couple of days we went in and out, I never saw anyone else notice it.

The main point here is this – I was confident the detox principles and strategies I know and employ will help continually protect my family’s health and minimize the toxic effects from exposure to all forms of pollution, chemicals, and restaurant food.

Sometimes pulling back the curtain and seeing what is behind the magic is disturbing 😉 so just keep on flushing and making the best choices possible to help keep the balance and enjoy life.

Here is a heartfelt thanks to Mickey and friends, our trip was great and we are still happy and healthy.
Be safe and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Ramona and the Healing GrapeVine Team

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