ANU Water, Can’t Call It Medicine Water…

Healing Waters have been employed as a health modality we can apparently date back to the days of Hippocrates, maybe even earlier.

Known as the father of modern medicine, he lived around 500 BC and is reported to have used water both internally and externally to treat diseases.

ANU mineral water is a modern day formulation that may help reduce the many pathogens, fungal forms, and toxins we deal with in the      21 st Century.

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Anu Mineral Water by Ramona Melvin

We may better understand water’s function to helping the body stay healthy when we see it as a communication device, both delivering vital nutrients to our cells and literally washing them of toxic materials that come through our diet and environment.

The programmed intention of ANU water is to help restore the body’s Bio-terrain to the proper pH balance throughout the entire system, reduce fungal forms and many other pathogens that are attributed to disease, and help re-mineralize our cellular terrain to promote a stronger immune system.

Our Bio terrain refers to the environment our cells are functioning within. The analogy of a lake becoming polluted over time and causing many of the indigenous species of life to die off is exactly what happens inside our internal environment of the body when our bio-terrain becomes overloaded with chemicals, heavy metals, fungal and yeast forms and ultimately the growth of opportunistic bacterial and viral life forms.

Click on Bio-terrain to better understand the pleomorphic model of health…by specifically targeting our bio terrain at the digestive level, we can help our body’s natural healing ability to preform at its maximum potential.

Now that’s news we can truly Eat, Drink, and Be Merry by!

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